Transform your Health: Ultimate Whole 30 Meal Plan with Recipes!

With Grocery Lists and Recipe Links!

Truth be told, I failed my first attempt at Whole 30 two years ago, (eek, shamed face). Now you may be asking, why in the world would I start by saying that?! That’s not encouraging at all! But that’s just the opposite. We are all on our own Whole 30 journey at different stages. For some this is your first try too, and if you’re in that category I am so happy to share what mistakes to avoid. Some of you have completed several Whole 30’s before and you’re here for the most simple and elaborate whole 30 menu with grocery list and recipe links from start to finish. No matter your reason, I’m glad you’re here!

The Whole 30 Recipes

There are SO MANY amazing Whole 30 recipes! So I’ve actually spent the past few months taste testing dozens in preparation for my next Whole 30. That leads to recommendation #1 for success- plan your meals! My first attempt at Whole 30, I planned only a few meals, and then thought I could just ‘wing it’ for each additional meal based on what I felt like eating. Well what I felt like eating was Dr Pepper and sourdough bread, duh! haha Lucky for you, I’ve done all the hard work for you with this complete Meal plan.

This Whole 30 meal plan is unique in that it doesn’t have you cooking every night. Which leads me to Recommendation #2- set your expectations realistically! Ideally, I’d love to make a home-cooked meal with fresh diced vegetables and slow cooked meat everyday. But that time-consuming plan doesn’t exactly fit in my daily Full time work and two busy kiddos schedule! This Whole 30 meal plan focuses on prepping wholesome delicious meals every 5 days, with grocery lists to accommodate every 10 days. I know that every 5 days is a bit odd and will land on some weekdays of meal prepping, but as a Nurse Practitioner working 12 days on and 9 days off, making three meals every 5th day is doable for everybody! (even on a weekday). So without further ado,

A Complete Whole 30 Meal Plan

Click on each meal for the recipe link!

Know that you won’t be alone on this journey, there are so many wonderful resources out there to support you, myself included! I am starting my second attempt at Whole 30 in TWO days, eek!! I’ve signed up to run a Half Marathon in March and this time around I’m dedicated to Whole 30 for that ‘TIGER BLOOD!’ Which leads to Recommendation #3- know that Whole 30 is temporary! The first time around my goal was to quit sugar, (primarily my addiction to Dr Pepper). And although quitting sugar for good is an honest goal, it was not a goal I could sustain for the rest of my life. So I figured, what’s the difference of no sugar for 30 days vs the 16 days when I quit.

Look at this Whole 30 adventure as a new discipline

Let me explain. Ever since my two year old first tried Halloween candy he asks me daily, “I wan canne mama” and most days I have to tell him “No” and endure the 10 minute temper tantrum to follow. But when was the last time you or I told ourselves no? If I want Halloween candy, I eat it. This upcoming 30 days we get to enjoy delicious food that nourishes our body, but that comes with discipline for our mind! So help yourself out just a bit more to ease your mind, Recommendation #4- Eat food you normally eat! Our family eats Tacos and spaghetti (Yum!) nearly every week. So that’s what we get in our Meal plan, delicious Spagetthi squash with meat sauce and Taco Salad!

The Grocery Lists

How the Meal plan works

As mentioned above, we’ll be meal prepping three meals every fifth day, and then making one dinner in between. All the meals on the plan have a link to the recipe if you click on them! (That’s my favorite part of the simplicity of the plan! 🙂 The grocery lists are broken down so you’re only going shopping 3 times during the 30 days- that way your veggies are still fresh, but you’re not spending all your time at the store. The first ‘Stock your pantry’ day I’d like you to CHECK your pantry first! I had nearly every one of these spices already in my cabinet, so please don’t spend the extra money if you don’t have to. And if you happen to have a deep freezer, make one big trip to Costco before you get started and you can have all your meat ready to go also.

So here we go! God give me the strength to be mindful of what I eat and drink and enjoy this journey of Whole 30!

I’d Love to hear your comments on which recipes you enjoyed and tips to your success of Whole 30 below! Also Be sure to subscribe and follow our journey as We Run the States!


  1. Amanda Gray | 11th Feb 20

    Thanks for this! I sometimes go through oh I should start eating less processed foods but putting together the list can be daunting. I do have a question, do you get tired of having the same thing for breakfast everyday? That’s been one of the hard things for me doing whole 30, I don’t like having the same thing all the time and the prep-work takes to long it feels like all of my spare time is spent in the kitchen. How do you handle this part, any advice?

    • werunthestates | 11th Feb 20

      Hey Amanda! I’m on Day 13 right now myself and I agree, a big breakfast everyday is hard! I’ve actually switched out a couple of mornings with a banana dipped in almond butter and that was exactly what I needed! Im sure there are many other simple options too- apples and cinnamon, hard boiled egg and fruit. Good luck on your Whole 30!

  2. Carly- The Reformed Housewife | 11th Feb 20

    Thank you for the awesome meal plan ideas and layout! I just spent hours the other day creating my own, I’m pregnant and either nesting or just really freaking hungry all the time and only thinking about all things food so I will definitely be using this, thanks!

    • werunthestates | 11th Feb 20

      YAY Carly! I’m so happy to hear that!! I think the only adjustment I would suggest to this meal plan is some mornings I just want a banana with almond butter instead of such an elaborate meal 🙂 enjoy and congrats on the pregnancy!

  3. jlynnhodge | 11th Feb 20

    These are some great meal plan ideas! I know as a mom, coming up with what to cook can be so daunting as I think of the same meals over and over. Love the variety!

    • werunthestates | 13th Feb 20

      Thanks! I had to add in spaghetti a couple times, but it’s just so darn good!

  4. Jen Leigh | 11th Feb 20

    So helpful! We’re trying to eat a bit less and a bit healthier in my house so such a timely post. Thanks!

  5. Kristin McConnell | 11th Feb 20

    Great meal plan!! I love that you have a grocery list added to this blog. I do a weekly meal plan on my blog I should add a grocery list! Thanks for the inspiration! =)


    • werunthestates | 13th Feb 20

      Nice! I’ll check out your blog for more weekly meal plans also, thanks!

  6. Ayumi | 11th Feb 20

    My family and I did the Whole30 a couple years ago and had great success. It is amazing how cutting sugar out of your diet changes your life. It is also amazing to find that just about everything has sugar in it! We will be running our first half-marathon in April! Thanks for sharing!

    • werunthestates | 13th Feb 20

      Congrats on the first Half Marathon, that’s so exciting! I’m on day 15 of my whole 30 right now, boy that sugar really has a hold on my mind! Thanks for the encouragement to get through!

  7. Chantel | 12th Feb 20

    Thank you for the information. I have been looking into whole30 for a few months now. I wasn’t sure if it was a right fit for me. I am on a journey to better health. I love the meal plan because it makes it simple to prepare for the days ahead. You have answered many of my questions.

    • werunthestates | 13th Feb 20

      Chantel I’m so happy to hear that! It took me two years to gain enough courage and motivation to try again. I’m Still within the midst of the 30 days but it’s much easier this time with a meal plan 🙂

  8. Christa | 12th Feb 20

    I love that you give the entire list of ingredients. I always see meals I want to make online, but then I can never remember to pick up all the ingredients I need once I go to shop.

    • werunthestates | 13th Feb 20

      me too Christa! my only forewarning is make sure you have all the ingredients from ‘stock your pantry’. I would be so sad if you were ready to make a meal and didn’t have a core ingredient. Good luck!

  9. thehungryhistoryteacher | 14th Feb 20

    I love you meal plan, some really great ideas. But most of all I’m impressed by your whole site, it is clean and organized. This is something I am struggling with and hope to clear up, but yours is just fantastic!

    • werunthestates | 23rd Feb 20

      Thank you so much! I often feel the same way about improving the organization of my page 🙂 I suppose we’re our own worst critics.

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