DC Wonder Woman Virtual Run: How to stay active during this pandemic

I believe that all runner’s are Wonder Women at heart. Doesn’t matter if you’re fast or slow; if you get out there and put the miles in, you’re a hero in my book. I’ll admit I was very against virtual runs at the beginning of this pandemic. I mean, my goal is to run a half marathon in each state. It feels a bit like cheating running, say a Tennessee half marathon Virtually from California LOL. After much deliberation, I decided to FINALLY sign up for the DC Wonder Woman Virtual Run with the support of the Bibrave community.

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I don’t know about any of you, but I may have gained the “covid 19 pounds”. And as much as I would like this pandemic to pass and resume live running events, it was definitely time to sign up for a run and hold myself accountable for my health. I respect all of those savy, “love to run for the sake of enjoying the run” folk. I am not in that category. I’m in the “love to run because I love to eat more and there’s a balance between eating a lot, running and staying healthy” haha.

CONS of a Virtual Run

As you can imagine, without a live Race event set up, the 10K run can get a little lonely. I appreciate all of the crowds on the sidelines cheering me on at live events, even if they didn’t come there to see me. So this is one of the downfalls of running Virtually.

PROS of Virtual Run

Surprisingly there are more Pro’s than I expected with the DC Wonder Woman Virtual Run. For starters, the swag is LEGIT! Like, I actually felt like a Wonder Woman with that pullover and medal (even if it did just come through the mail). It was extra special having my cute 3 year-old award me with my medal at the end of the race.

Another reason to sign up for a virtual run is everything is on your time! You train at your own pace. There are no time limits, so if it takes you a remarkably long time to complete a 10K race, that’s ok! 6.2 miles at a six-minute-mile is the same amount of completed miles as 6.2 miles at a fifteen-minute-mile, just saying. You also don’t have to worry about traveling for a destination run, or any of the other unforeseeable’s of a live event because you can complete this race out your front door. Personally, I had my golden retriever run the race with me and my friend and kiddos follow along in our side by side for support. It was definitely unique and my little kids made me feel like Wonder Woman as I ran beside them.

The DC Wonder Woman Virtual run gives you the inspiration to get up and be active!

You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life to sign up for a virtual run (I’m not for sure haha)! I still recommend using virtual runs as a tool to keep you motivated as well as a mechanism to train for future live race events. I hope that 2021 will bring more socially distanced live event races to continue our trek across the states, but until then Virtual runs it is!

What are your thoughts on Virtual Runs vs. Live event Races? Comment Below!

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