New Year’s Resolved: Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions, Resolved

Looking back at accomplishments, and forward to the New year!

Do Y’all remember New Year eve Y2K? I sure do. There was a growing fear that many computer programs would shut down due to the change in millennium. I was 13 at the time and thought I was SO COOL! It didn’t matter that the world may end because I thought I already knew everything! haha

My family always took us to a local bowling alley. One with black lights, disco balls, and the best pop music as you rang in the new year. Well this year, I snuck away from the congregation that was ready to celebrate together and planned my bowling pin to hit at the stroke of midnight. I just knew I would get a strike, and my whole millennium would follow in suit with everything aligning perfectly! I let go of the ball with intention at 11:59:55 and at Midnight my bowling bowl struck!

FOUR measly pins. I hit 4 measly pins, NOT EVEN half way to a strike. And an even crazier concept rolling into the year 2000 was the clock kept ticking, the lights stayed on and we did not all spontaneously combust. (which at 13 years old with all the hype of Y2K, I actually considered a true possibility).

I went home with the feeling of impending doom. I did not get that strike at midnight I had wished for, that would set my whole millennial future towards miraculous success. But that was just it, I had wished for a miracle. I did not practice bowling once before that night. I did not prepare for, or put in any effort prior. To be honest, I did not deserve to bowl a strike. I changed my outlook that night, (well as best as any thirteen year old could) and set my goals backwards from then on out.

I have a few goals I would like to accomplish for the new year, but I focus on my New Year Resolved.

Here’s a few of my goals accomplished:

  • Ran FOUR half marathon’s in new states!
  • Pushed a double stroller for 13.1 miles
  • Became a RRCA coach!

Those are a few of the many things I am proud of. I set goals for myself and continue to work towards them everyday. There’s no finish line because I anticipate continuing these goals in the future. Looking forward to the new year I hope to also add a few improvements. 1) work on my posture! geez, shouldn’t be too hard but it’s my goal every year! shoulders back… 2) Help my husband clean the house a little more, huge sigh. I hate cleaning and he does it so well on his own… 3) Run a few more half marathons and Travel the states!

2021 was also filled with TRAVEL! A few highlights included Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Zion national park and Hilton Head Island! 2022 will be just as exciting with New Orleans and many more!


  1. Rachel Zylstra | 20th Jan 20

    Woohoo! You had a big, exciting year in 2019! Isn’t it funny how even now we can let one little thing (4 pins vs. a strike) change our whole mindset? It’s definitely something I’m working on as well.

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