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Our Mission is to empower individuals’ lifelong commitment to a healthy, balanced lifestyle, embracing the challenge of 50 half marathons in every state as an opportunity to physically thrive and embrace adventurous self-discovery.

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We Run the States was created to give insured individuals the opportunity to travel and run in each state as part of a lifelong wellness tourism program. The financial burden of Obesity in the United States ranges from $147 to nearly $210 billion dollars per YEAR from co-morbid associated diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus.

Obesity is a neurobehavioral disease that can be modified with encouragement and support! Traveling relieves stress, creates creativity and memories, improves mental health, problem-solving and communication skills.

We Run the States is advocating for YOUR employer to offer travel expenses and running training plans as an external motivator for overall individual health across the lifespan. This investment by your employer will offer a substantial return of investment by decreasing the cost of obesity-associated diseases.

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