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Feel the Joy: Happy Girls Run downhill like the wind

Sisters, Oregon

It’s true, Happy girls DO run, And Oregon is a splendid place to do so! Are you looking for a weekend retreat? Come on, I know it sounds tempting. A getaway in a pine lodge, sitting beside a warm fire with a local brew in your hand with your hubby or best girl friends. Well if you said yes, Happy Girls run is for you! (even if you said no, believe me this run is worth it!)

The Run

The Happy Girls half marathon is an iconic trail run through the Peterson Ridge Trail System. It is literally DOWN HILL the entire way- I mean really, can I get an amen!! With saying that, I would encourage you to run how you trained! I had trained for a 10-minute mile putting me just more than 2 hours to completion. Well, I thought running downhill for 13.1 miles would be so much easier, so I followed the 9-minute mile pacer, hoping for a less than 2 hour completion. Well that was a Terrible choice! I ran the first 6 miles strong and splendidly, and walked the last 3 miles at a snail pace. (insert sad and shamed face here).

The weather was also a bit hindersome, so plan ahead! With the half marathon being in early November, average temperatures at start time are around 36 farenheit, burr! The weather warms up to around 60 F during the day, which is perfect to explore the town. But DRESS WARM for the run!

I hope this post helps guide you to a successful run! As I jogged past the finish line well over 2 hours later I thought to myself, I’m going to frown and pout to show everybody how achy and terrible my body feels! (which was my own ill-prepared fault). Well as I approached the finish line the announcer read my name. “Here comes Laura Orange… Orange you glad you came to beautiful Sisters!” The pure innocence of the joke, made me smile. And so here’s a picture of me crossing the finish line, appearing to be happy and comfortable, LOL.

The Lodging

If you have ever dreamed of a mountain escape, relaxing next to a large wood burning fire, then you have been dreaming of Five pine lodge. This lodge is the host for the Happy Girls run and it is absolutely gorgeous! I mean, there is a window from the bathtub to admire the fire while you relax soaking with a glass of wine, it can’t get much better than that!

The Food and Drinks

After running 13.1 miles in the cold, unprepared, I did not want to go anywhere but straight to bed! Lucky for me there is a local brewery at the hotel! Three Creeks Brewery has pizza, burgers, sandwiches and, say it with me now, GROWLERS of locally crafted BEER TO GO! Mmm… The town of Sisters also has quaint little cafes that serve delicious, carb-loaded, chocolate milkshakes.

My favorite part of this trip was definitely the road trip to get there with Jenn, singing 2000’s pop radio at the top of our lungs. And the relaxing weekend getaway made this Happy Girls half marathon well worth the Destination Run. Subscribe to continue our journey together across the states!

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