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No Questions asked, the Top 10 Comforting Clean Eating Recipes Fall

I’m sure every comforting recipes for Fall blog starts with how incredible autumn is. The changing leaves with days getting colder. The nights getting longer and families growing closer by the fire. These blog posts start like this for a reason, Fall is the most wonderful time of the year! For clean eating recipes for fall, the crockpot becomes the Head chef. The leafy greens and earthy root vegetables are harvested to become the main attraction. More time is spent inside the kitchen over the steaming stovetop. Or sitting around the dining room table with a board game, friends and wine. Enjoy these Top 10 Recipes for fall that are healthy, just click on recipe for ingredients and directions.

Steak with caramelized vegetables

This Clean eating recipe for fall can be made tonight and use the extra prepared steak and veggies for tomorrow’s French onion-style beef stew. One key feature of this recipe is how much time it asks for sautéing the veggies. Chef’s tip, Don’t skip out on this time to hurry the recipe. Time is used to caramelize the vegetables which really enhances the dinner. Enjoy with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon from Dry Farm Wines.

French Onion-Style Beef vegetable stew

I’m a sucker for French onion soup, yum! If it’s on the menu, I’m ordering it! Make this stew from yesterday’s saved steak and veggies.

Whole roasted chicken with lemon and Rosemary

You absolutely cannot exclude a whole roasted chicken with rosemary in your recipes for Fall lineup. There’s something about rosemary that’s warm and comforting. Accompany that with rosemary being rich in iron, calcium, vitamins A, C and B-6 and you’ve got yourself a complete meal.

Apricot Curry chicken thighs with potatoes and Asparagus

A good friend brought over this easy sheet pan recipe already prepared so all I had to do was stick it in the oven. The kids and I were fed wonderfully for an entire week! The sweet apricot jam mixed with the pungent curry was very satisfying.

Autumn on a plate

Every season needs a Salad. 🙂

Sautéed pork chops and Apples

This is a classic combination of pork chops and apples that satisfies even the pickiest kid eaters.

Slow cooker Pot Roast and Veggies

Autumn equals Slow cooker pot roast and veggies. ‘nough said.

Slow cooker turkey and white bean chili

Warm chili sitting by the fire as the autumn leaves fall blow outside. That evening sounds like pure perfection to me!

Pumpkin Pie

Do you know how you can tell if it’s time for recipes for fall yet? It’s when you start seeing pumpkin EVERYTHING in the stores! pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin granola, pumpkin etc. so of course we had to find a healthy pumpkin pie recipe.

This Fall I have planned two half marathons and a triathlon. Here’s an article on How to run back to back half marathons. What’re you training for this Fall?

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