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Becoming Momstrong: Balancing your health with busy mom life

I’m the checklist type. You all know if you’re that type; everything has to be in order of priority. Go to work, check. Make dinner, check. Clean the house, well.. kinda check. Then there are things that consistently manage to be reprioritized to the bottom of my list every time. Go for a run… blog about your accomplishments… eat clean food… That leads us to the pressing question, how do we become Momstrong?

Now, to be completely fair, this is a mental checklist that I’ve created and held myself accountable for. It’s not my 2 year old’s fault that I didn’t lift weights today. It’s not my boss’s fault that I didn’t pack a lunch full of veggies. So why do I consistently put my health on the back burner, especially when I fully comprehend the significance of diet and exercise? No really, I’m not some insightful, all knowing blogger haha! I struggle with making healthy choices DAILY!

Why do WE as successful, hardworking mom’s tend to put our health last?

Because we are GOOD moms! Say it with me now, give yourself a little encouragement. You are a GOOD mom prioritizing your family, friends and work! So now let’s work on becoming momstrong.

Momstrong is a loose, kinda made up term to describe us women supporting each other to be better for ourselves and our children. It’s generally a close knit group of friends you can always count on. Or an online community offering support, even if you’ve never met in person. And especially the abundance of delicious kid friendly recipes bloggers have to offer. I cannot give enough appreciation to Skinnytaste and Clean Eating magazine for all the Incredible healthy recipes that even my kids adore! Wherever you find your Momstrong, pay it forward! Help that mom out in the grocery store pushing two carts and wrangling two kids. Ask your coworker if she wants to go for a run, even if you’ve never been on a run before! Or best Momstrong yet, Give your own mom a phone call!

Becoming Momstrong is encouraging eachother to be stronger for ourselves and our children.

I absolutely adore my two kiddos, and I hope to set an example in which they can grow up strong and balanced in this world pulling us all different directions. So Cheers to becoming Momstrong as a team!

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