Top 5 reasons you haven’t Run a Half Marathon and how to overcome them!

1) You’re not a “Runner”

I’ll tell you my secret, I’m not a runner either. Whew! Glad we got that out of the way! I’ve completed 7 half marathons, one full marathon, many fundraiser 5K’s, and started a running blog, yet I still don’t consider myself a “runner”. I think I set my expectation of a runner too high. I see on social media these really fit icons, and hear my friends talk about how easy running a 9 minute mile is; well that’s not me.  I consider myself a ‘participation medal’ type of girl 🙂 I sign up for a race for the adventure and travel opportunity and keep a goal to cross that finish line!

2) There’s not enough Time

Well that’s true, there really isn’t enough time for all the tasks we have in a day! Between getting kids ready for school, trying to get them in their darn carseats, working full time, (maybe working a little overtime), picking kids up, making dinner, piano lessons, then there’s dishes, laundry, pajamas and bedtime routine, and if you’re lucky maybe a little bit of sleep! (That may have been a run on sentence) but hey, It seems the American dream is usually an over run life! So where is there time to run? I hear ya. Well there’s 1,440 minutes in a day, find 20 minutes for your health 🙂 done. (We’ll work up from 20 minutes a day).

3) Kids

yes, this deserves it’s own category. This section is similar to above, not having enough time, yet there’s also the dilemma ‘who will watch the kids while I take 20 minutes a day to myself’?? And here comes the solution that I still cringe at, wake up a bit earlier. If I am up and out the door by 6am then I can take one hour of uninterrupted time for myself on a run. Although getting out of bed early does not sound appealing lying under my cozy down comforter, the surge of energy I get after my run is well worth it. If you’re the only one home in the morning and evenings to watch your kids, I would definitely recommend a gym with a daycare or perhaps go for a run during school hours. Everybody needs “me time!”

4) You don’t have the energy

As you read above, my day is jam packed with errands, to do’s and work and by the end of the day I am TIRED! Why would I want to go for a run after work or set my alarm clock earlier for a morning run? But as you may have heard, exercising gives you more energy than you can imagine! Running releases the hormone endorphins which trigger a euphoric feeling as well as acting as an analgesic, thus diminishing your perception of pain. Hence, a 30 minute run literally rewards your brain and tells you that it didn’t hurt! (Notice that I increased your 20 minute run per day to a 30 minute run very slyly. I just added one mile to your long run to prepare you for that half marathon 🙂

Another way to increase your energy is to eat well. Use food to fuel your body. I struggle with good food choices daily also, but Skinnytaste and Clean Eating magazine have helped me make delicious recipes even my kids crave!

5) Money

Let me explain. I’ve made running a half marathon an extravagant event. I pick a new state for each run, book a flight and a hotel for the weekend; then there’s the half marathon entry fee, paying for the best food in town and the bill quickly adds up. But this adventure is worth every penny!! I would love to see every state in this beautiful country regardless, running just gives me the excuse to actually book it! Plus, what better way to see the country then to actually run across it! 🙂 Anyhow, yes you’re right, running is FREE! you can leave from your front porch and run 13.1 miles and not spend a dime, I just prefer the fancy medal. haha

There you have it, all my excuses for not running a half marathon. Make the  TIME for a FREE run that will give you the ENERGY to love on those KIDDOS who will be proud of their mama who (even though may be slow) is a RUNNER! (I suppose I could have just shortened this whole post with that one sentence haha)

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  1. Adrienne B Redelings | 19th Jul 19

    Love this! I never considered myself a runner either…after my third child I needed to do SOMETHING and running was something I didn’t need a membership for, leave the house, etc. I’d wake up before everyone else and return home feeling like a better person. I love it and half marathons are my distance of choice as well. If you ever make it to Wisconsin I could recommend some great ones!

    • werunthestates | 23rd Jul 19

      Adrienne I would LOVE your recommendations in Wisconsin! I definitely don’t know the area, so sights to see and definitely food recommendations are always appreciated!

  2. Carol | 22nd Jul 19

    I used to run – not long distances. It would help me to clear my mind, put things in perspective and overall just feel better. Great article to overcome the excuses!

    • werunthestates | 23rd Jul 19

      Thanks Carol! Even 7 years after starting running, I still make these excuses! haha it’s nice to know we’re all in staying healthy together.

  3. Lexi | 16th May 20

    This article really hit home for me! I was an avid runner before kids and the two pregnancies later I just have enough excuses to fill a bucket. I recently decided to force myself to get back to it, but seeing your reasons really reminded me I can work through them and stay persistent! Thanks!

    • werunthestates | 17th May 20

      Thanks Lexi! Surprisingly, I have to remind myself of these reasons daily also. It’s hard to maintain an exercise schedule, at least a half marathon gives me a goal 🙂

  4. Diana | 8th Apr 21

    This is a great reminder to me to start thinking about doing a half again! I did one a few years ago and felt so accomplished! You’re certainly right about finding the right time during the day to run – I’ll admit I do like running (and working out) first thing in the morning. I tend to get bogged down with stuff during the day and then just feel lazy in the evening. (plus it’s cooler in the morning during the summer!)

    • werunthestates | 8th Apr 21

      Yay! I’m so happy you’re considering another half! Gosh, if I didn’t force myself to train for a half each year, I would probably never work out! Haha glad you’re going to get back into it!

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