Turtle Glove Running Mittens to warm the new year

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Turtle Gloves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out Bibrave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

Winter is here, and all. things. COLD. weather! Although the icy roads have me cautiously watching my step during my runs, the cold weather does not deter me from getting outside! Especially since this year’s cold weather brought a wonderful gift; Turtle Gloves running mittens. With the average morning temperature in the low 20’s here in California, it’s time to dress warmer. So let’s jump right in! I like to be very honest and to the point, Here are the PROS and CONS of Turtle Gloves convertible midweight Running mittens:

Tucker the dog and my “Backyard Run”

Pros and Cons

PROS: I’ve always avoided wearing running gloves. They just seemed a bit cumbersome to carry around after my warmup mile or two, after my hands seemed to get hot and sweaty. Well, I’d have to admit that’s one of the biggest PROS of Turtle Gloves! They’re convertible between mittens and fingerless gloves. This was one of the HUGE distinguishing factors between Turtle Gloves and most other running gloves; your hands can actually breathe when needed.

Secondly, every other pair of ‘midweight running gloves’ I’ve owned have just been cold. These are by far the softest mittens I’ve owned, and I found myself using them for multiple outdoor activities including running, hiking and cold night bonfires 🙂 Finally, Turtle gloves are unique and made in the USA; they’re not a One size fits all. They actually have custom sizes (for my small hands) AND a variety of colors and designs (did you see the Bibrave lion!?)

CONS: The con’s of the Running mittens (or any particular mitten really) is a reflection of me and not Turtle Gloves. Does anybody else seem to misplace all paired items?! I CANNOT seem to keep a pair of gloves (or socks) together LOL! One con of Turtle Gloves convertible running mittens is that they don’t have a clip to keep them as a pair. I ‘misplaced’ one of my gloves for several weeks, and actually ran with one glove to keep warm, haha! Again, a reflection of me and not Turtle gloves.

I’d like to wish ALL of you a very happy new year! Stay safe and warm with Turtle Gloves. Use code TURTLEBIBRAVE at checkout for 15% off!

One of my favorite things to do at the New Year is to write about a ‘NEW YEAR RESOLVED‘! I have many inspiring resolutions for 2021 that I’ll talk about more in the near future. (Anticipate One new homemade Run-Fueling soup and sourdough per week and 3+ half marathons to review!) but not many people reflect back on their previous year accomplishments. There is so much to be thankful for from the year 2020! I joined the Bibrave community of kind, strong runners and got my PR half marathon of 2:02 (SO CLOSE!). My family made a huge leap of faith and moved out to the mountains of California; I completed my first Whole30 and we all fought together against the pandemic of covid19.

Happy New Year and Welcome 2021!

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