Clean Eating Weekly Meal Plan for easy weeknight dinners

I enjoy preparing an easy, clean eating weekly meal plan every week. Spending a few hours in my kitchen on Sunday ensures that the week runs smoothly and is well worth the investment. I’m like any other full-time working, busy-running-errands mom, so having a few “one-pot wonders” are great for planning and clean up.

With young active kids, we have soccer practice a few days a week, hence the crockpot cooking on Tuesday and “planned overs” on Thursday. I prefer using the term ‘planned over’ instead ‘left over’. There is always extra food after dinner, no how delicious the recipe, so let’s plan to eat it at another time! I know we’ll be in a crunch for time this week, so this way we’re set up for success. Today I’d just like to share how easy your week can be with this clean eating weekly meal plan.

Clean Eating Weekly Meal Plan

What’s on the menu?

Monday- Jambalaya. Let’s start our week out Spicy! but not too spicy, we’ve got kids to feed too! This easy weeknight meal is made in foil packets for super easy cleanup. (TIP: I generally will add Adele’s chicken sausage instead of skinless chicken breast)

Tuesday- Crockpot Chicken Enchilada soup. Top with sour cream, fresh cilantro, tomatoes and avocados in order to cool this hot summer dish down.

Wednesday- Tri Tip. Using the grill outdoors is an economical way to keep the oven off and your house cooler this summer. Any grill will do the trick, we just happen to have a Traegar, so I’ve linked the recipe accordingly. An amazing way to use Tri tip ‘planned overs’ for lunch is adding a French hoagie roll and au jus for a French dip sandwich.

Thursday- Planned overs. I’m sure you won’t be too devastated to repeat Jambalaya, enchilada soup and Tri tip tonight.

Friday- Mahi Mahi with mango salsa. This is one of my absolute favorite summer recipes. The wild caught white fish compliments the tropical notes of mango perfectly. For added perfection, add a glass of chilled white wine, Happy Friday!

Meal plan to strengthen your Running

This Summer is filled with training for Fall races. And Nutrition is the core to all training plans. I have two half marathons and my first triathlon planned! Riding a road bike and swimming in open water are definitely engaging new muscle groups for me. What races do you have planned for this Fall? Never run a half marathon before? Here’s a list of reasons you haven’t run a half marathon, and how to overcome them!


Here are a few Fall half marathons. Rock ‘n Roll series, run the strip at night Las Vegas, Nevada and Happy girls run Sisters, Oregon. If there’s one piece of advice I can give, it’s plan your running attire according to the most recent weather predicted. Otherwise you’ll end up running a half marathon in booty shorts at night in the snow!

Download the Clean eating weekly meal plan above and Click for a link to the recipe.

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